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Discharging the Mandate of the Judiciary: Towards a Modern, Professional and Effective Judiciary NY Judge Frank J. LaBuda Presents Keynote at the Ugandan Judiciary’s 22nd Annual Judges Conference

Middletown, NY, February 10, 2020 — Frank J. LaBuda, retired New York Supreme Court Justice of Sullivan County, NY and leading member of Sobo & Sobo LLP was invited to be a keynote speaker at the 22nd Annual Judges Conference in Kampala, Uganda. LaBuda was invited by the Judiciary Uganda to speak on January 27th to share methods that have helped the American Judiciary run more efficiently.

One of the strategies covered in LaBuda’s keynote, Discharging the State of the Judiciary: Towards a Modern, Professional and Effective Judiciary involved adopting new technological developments in order to achieve completely paperless trials. LaBuda urged the Ugandan judiciary to utilize computers, video monitors and updated sound equipment in order to experience the same benefits of increased speed and productivity, as well as save judges time by cutting down on judicial paperwork.

In his keynote, LaBuda also introduced a solution to reduce the risk of backlogged cases for the Ugandan judiciary. The Chief Judiciary asked LaBuda and other invited speakers to address this concern specifically, as delayed judgements is one of the most common issues present for the Ugandan judiciary. “One of the means to reduce case backlog in the American judicial system,” said LaBuda, “is to introduce the rule that anybody arrested of any capital offense must be tried within a six months period, after which a judicial officer is given sixty days to write his judgment.”

By introducing these two methods, LaBuda hopes to further the conference’s goal of “strengthening the role of judicial officers in the administration and management of court registries, registry staff, data and physical files for better judicial services.”

About Frank J. LaBuda

Frank J. LaBuda is the retired New York Supreme Court Justice of Sullivan County, NY. After receiving a JD from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, LaBuda went on to become Chief Assistant District Attorney in Sullivan County, NY. He remained in this position until 1989, when he was elected Town Justice in the Town of Mamakating. In 1997, LaBuda was elected Sullivan County Court Judge and Surrogate. LaBuda was also the past President of the Wurtsboro Fire Co. #1, and a past President of the Sullivan County Volunteer Firemen’s Association. He served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and in the US Army in the Gulf War as a Major in the 301st Logistical Support Group, as well as in the 2003 Iraq War. 

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About The Judiciary Uganda

The Ugandan judiciary’s goal is to administer justice to all people in Uganda in an independent, impartial, accountable, effective and efficient manner. The Judiciary’s core values of independence, transparency, professionalism, integrity, accountability and respect is reflected in all that they do, and the ways in which they interpret Ugandan law.

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